In a bedroom, in a small house…terror grows. Bill is a man who wants to be a good father but finds the task a lot more demanding after he is bitten by his date. Now confined to his room with a strange growth on his shoulder, he must find a way to survive. Passing closer to the point death with each minute, Bill's family and friends only intensify the gruesome nightmare he is living.



The Growth

Film festivals that screened The Growth:

Cannes Independent Film Festival 2010

Cannes, France

May 2010 (Film Festival)

Western Europe PREMIERE


Dam Short Film Festival

Boulder City, U S A

February 2010 (Film Festival)


SHOWWX Film Festival at Sundance Film Festival

Park City, U S A

January 2010 (Film Festival)


South African HorrorFest

Cape Town, South Africa

October 2009 (Film Festival)



Indie Producer Short Film Competition

Winner of “Best Short Horror Film”

Sherman Oaks, U S A

October 2009 (Film Festival)


ICON Film Festival

Tel-Aviv, Israel

October 2009 (Film Festival)

Middle East PREMIERE


Bastards of Horror

Pittsburgh, U S A

September 2009 (Film Festival)


Chicago Horror Film Festival

Chicago, U S A

September 2009 (Film Festival)

North America PREMIERE